Explainer videos motivate sharing by genuinely informing an audience on an issue, and telling them how they can take action.


To make these videos go viral requires the careful construction of a hook and strong visual style that keeps the audience’s attention. We work with organisations to develop ideas for explainers, write scripts and then promote them to the right online networks. 

Our viral explainer video 5 Ways to Disrupt Racism was viewed 30 million times and shared 500,000 times on Facebook


With the current backlash against fake Facebook news we predict these more in-depth and credible videos will further rise in popularity on both YouTube and Facebook in 2017.

Key Conventions

  • Many videos use a narrator or presenter

  • Visuals are often animation, stock footage or a presenter to camera

  • Videos can be up to 10 minutes long

  • Scripts are typically between 350 & 1200 words


Why people share

  • The audience want to share genuinely useful information

  • Sharing the video helps the audience to tackle the problem


5 Ways to Disrupt Racism

  • Client: Racial Justice Network
  • Views:  31,800,000
  • Shares: 554,000

Solar Power in the UK

  • Client: Greenpeace UK
  • Views: 867,000
  • Shares: 26,000

Climate Change Explained

  • Client: New Internationalist
  • Views: 53,000
  • Shares: 1,600



We showed the film to our directors and chief executive this morning and everyone absolutely loved it. It even made one of them cry, and say its the most powerful film we have as an organisation.

Emma McEwan - Leonard Cheshire Disability

We were delighted with the films Alter Eco produced for our campaign. They took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve and delivered a series of high quality films that perfectly met our brief.

Will McCallum, Greenpeace

The film and the response have exceeded all our expectations. We are so pleased with it. Alter Eco has been a pleasure to work with and given that I had no experience in commissioning a film before, they took all the scariness out of it.

Lois Muddiman, Low Carbon Hub

Alter Eco were great to work with; not only on the day itself whilst filming, but also in helping us story board the action and thinking about how we would promote the video. I could definitely recommend working with them.

Kirsty Wright, WDM

It was a pleasure working with Alter Eco on the Platform London video. We were thrilled with the beautiful short video they made. We had fairly tight deadlines and they kept us well ahead so we had enough time to tweak things at the end - perfect!

Mel Evans, Platform


5 Ways to Disrupt Racism

Racial Justice Network

Hinkley Nuclear Plant VS Renewables


Sarah’s Daily Headgear Challenge

Dignity in Dying


10:10 Climate Action

Trident – 5 key facts the government doesn’t want you to know


David Cameron: extend Freedom of Information to private companies

38 Degrees

Indigenous groups held a healing ceremony for Paris terror attacks

New Internationalist

Undercover police crack down on freedom of speech in Paris

New Internationalist

Street artist paints the human face of climate change

New Internationalist

The Arctic: Not giving in


Ruby’s Home Truth Appeal

Leonard Cheshire Disability

Climate Change: What’s Really Been Going On

New Internationalist

Coral VS Coal Graffiti



You’ll leave the workshop understanding:

  • Why videos go viral
  • Popular trends and styles for 2017
  • How to develop a shareable video brief
  • The Four Step Formula for Creating Shareable Videos
  • How to promote your video online
  • How to measure and report impact

The workshop will also provide:

  • A template for a shareable video brief
  • A script template for social media news videos
  • A checklist for assessing shareable videos
  • A template seeding strategy