The Shocking Truth about Water Cannons

By February 4, 2014 November 13th, 2018 Blog, Blog Posts, Second Post

The Metropolitan police are currently requesting permission to deploy water cannons on the streets of London. To build support for the campaign to stop water cannons Alter Eco’s Richard produced a pro-bono video to explain the issue and urge people to take action. In the first week it received over 20,000 views through organic reach alone. In order to achieve this, sharing the video was built in as an integral part of the narrative and a seeding strategy was implemented that led to people including Russell Brand sharing the video.

1. Tell the public consultation what you think about water cannons before the 28th February­k
More info on the consultation:…

2. Help pack out the public meeting on Water Cannons on the 17th February in London
Facebook Event:…

3. We can only win if enough people get involved so share this video to let your friends know what’s happening.