Welcome friends. Here you’ll find the presentation, references and further reading for the research on Winning YouTube.

Will the video pack a strong emotional punch?

Dr. Karen Nelson-Fields research on the role that emotions play in video sharing is nicely summarised in the book Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing which I’d really recommend.

The 5 page academic article “Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry: Understanding Which Emotions Drive Video Sharing on Facebook” provides a simple introduction to the research. And is free which is nice.

Will the audience have good reasons to share it?

Here’s the full list of social motivations from Unruly Media:

Social Motivations

For more on how they use this, you can download the Science of Sharing whitepaper from the Unruly website.

Have you identified the key communities to seed to?

Here is the beautiful data visualisation of the spread of the Dove Real Beauty advert on Twitter.

For the Face Group analysis of how videos spread read their blog.

Is the name enticing without revealing too much?

At ECF Europe Rossalyn Warren explained how Upworthy choose the name and thumbnail for their videos and thanks to the magic of YouTube you can watch that here.

This presentation also has some useful insights into their processes.

The Sweet Science Of Virality from Upworthy


For some more practical advice on how to put this into action please get in touch.


Other Resources

Why did the Save the Children Syria video go viral?

Here is The Shocking Truth about Water Cannons which has incorporated some of this research.