Explainer videos motivate sharing by informing an audience on an issue, and showing them how they can take action

The past year has seen a rise in the popularity of short explainer videos with The Guardian, Vox and AJ+ regularly producing viral videos in this style.

With the current backlash against fake news we predict these more in-depth and credible videos will further rise in popularity on both YouTube and Facebook in 2017.

Why people share

  • With underreported or misunderstood issues, sharing the video helps tackle the problem

  • People want to share genuinely useful advice with their friends


5 Ways to Disrupt Racism

  • Client: Racial Justice Network
  • Views:  31,800,000
  • Shares: 554,000

Solar Power in the UK

  • Client: Greenpeace UK
  • Views: 867,000
  • Shares: 26,000

Climate Change Explained

  • Client: New Internationalist
  • Views: 53,000
  • Shares: 1,600



Our viral explainer video 5 Ways to Disrupt Racism was viewed 30 million times and shared 500,000 times on Facebook

We work with organisations to turn complex campaign issues into highly shareable explainers.

To make these videos requires the careful construction of a hook along with a strong visual style that keeps the audience’s attention.

We help organisations research topics for explainers and write scripts that convey the essence of an topic in a way that inspires action.

Through understanding how to promote to online communities we can help organisations have a big reach without requiring a huge advertising budget.

Key Conventions

  • Many videos use a narrator or presenter

  • Visuals are often animation, stock footage or a presenter to camera

  • Videos can be up to 10 minutes long

  • Scripts are typically between 350 & 1200 words


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