Four of the ten biggest Facebook video pages in the world produce short news videos

These videos convey the key facts of a story using text, in a way that works on mobile phones and without sound.

Many NGOs and Charities have not taken advantage of this new style of video because they are still relying on the traditional model of commissioning individual videos that can take weeks from concept to content.

Why people share

  • They connect to a current conversation

  • They provide genuinely useful information on important topics

  • They give exposure to issues that are underreported in the media


We Want Our NHS Back

  • Client: 38 Degrees
  • Views: 1,006,000
  • Shares: 36,700

5 Facts on Hinkley

  • Client: Greenpeace UK
  • Views:  869,000
  • Shares: 30,300

Undercover Police in Paris

  • Client: New Internationalist
  • Views: 9,300,000
  • Shares: 166,000


Alter Eco is the leading producer of Facebook news videos for charities and NGOs in the UK

Using our ‘Four Step Formula for Viral Videos’ we ensure every aspect of our Facebook News Videos are designed to be shareable.

This includes finding a killer hook and developing scripts that convey genuinely useful information.

Our videos incorporate a strong ‘Theory of Share,’ which means the audience knows why sharing the video will tackle the problem that’s been set up.

Hours count when it comes to breaking news so our trained video editors can turn-around high quality videos to tight deadlines.

As well as producing one off videos for key campaign moments we also work with organisations to produce a series of five to ten videos to boost a range of campaigns and your social media reach.

We’ve also trained organisations including Greenpeace and 38 Degrees on how to develop shareable concepts and write scripts for Facebook News Videos.

Key Conventions

  • Information is conveyed through text on-screen and clips from interviews

  • Footage is sourced from news clips, stock websites, and organisations’ existing videos

  • Videos are typically 45 to 90 seconds long

  • Scripts are typically 80 to 150 words


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