Good Video Gallery

A selection of the best videos for good causes on the internet.


Food Fight

Why it works

Changing gangster rap cliches into food terms makes this video relevant to lots of young people who would rather be seen dead than reading a book on food policy.

Posted on 1st March 2013


Follow the Frog

Why it works

Primarily it works because the fast paced editing, rhythmic narration and humour keep the audience hooked. The narrative of contrasting pointless and destructive action (i.e. protesting) with sensible action (buying Rainforest Alliance products) is very controversial but very clever. Tapping into shared cultural reference points particularly “cliche gringo fantasy” communicates that the makers of the video “get” the complexities that come with attempting to be ethical and so can’t be dismissed as naive.

Posted on 27th February 2013


The High Price of Materialism

Why it works

The video provides lots of information in an earnest tone and the visuals keep the audience engaged. Shows that copying the style of other videos (i.e. RSA Animate) can be done well.

Posted on 26th February 2013


Dumb Ways to Die

Why it works

The song, animation and visual gags all fit together so smoothly the whole thing it’s a delight to watch. McCann Melbourne, the video’s creators have also tapped into the online audience’s love of cute things and appreciation of black humour. Read our blog on “How to use music videos to promote your good cause”.

Posted on 25th February 2013


What if Money Didn’t Matter

Why it works

By focusing on the things in life that we are really passionate this video shows that pursuing money is a ridiculous goal in itself. Alan Watt’s tone of voice is common sense yet radical at exactly the same time and the images and music, while a bit cheesy, complement his speech very well.

Posted on 24th February 2013