Discover how to commission and produce videos that get widely shared without increasing your budget

While many organisations recognise the huge potential for online video, it’s often not clear how to take advantage of it. Videos are commissioned that are professionally produced and meet the brief, but fail to be widely shared. The good news is that if you understand the new world of social video it is possible to produce highly shareable video content without a huge budget.


Over the past year Alter Eco have created videos that were  viewed 50 million times & shared 1 million times on Facebook

Over the course of the day, we will teach you the methodology we use to consistently create highly shareable videos for NGOs, charities and other campaigning groups.

Key Information

  • Where: Central London
  • When: Wednesday 8th February, 10am to 5pm
  • Large organisations (income £5m+): £400
  • Medium organisations (income £500k – £5m): £325
  • Small organisations (income £100k – £500k): £225
  • Very small organisations (less than £100k): £175

You’ll leave the workshop understanding:

  • Why videos go viral
  • Popular trends and styles for 2017
  • How to develop a shareable video brief
  • The Four Step Formula for Creating Shareable Videos
  • How to promote your video online
  • How to measure and report impact

The workshop will also provide:

  • A template for a shareable video brief
  • A script template for social media news videos
  • A checklist for assessing shareable videos
  • A template seeding strategy

Selected Work

5 Ways to Disrupt Racism

  • Client: Racial Justice Network
  • Views:  29,800,000
  • Shares: 511,000

Undercover Police in Paris

  • Client: New Internationalist
  • Views: 7,900,000
  • Shares: 145,000

Stop NHS Privatisation

  • Client: 38 Degrees
  • Views: 1,100,000
  • Shares: 38,000

About the Trainer

About the Trainer

The training will be delivered by Alter Eco Director, Richard Roaf. Richard has worked in online video for over six years and over the past twelve months he’s delivered training days for Greenpeace, 38 Degrees and ActionAid, and workshops for charities at ECF in Oxford, CAMP16 in Amsterdam and Zinn TV in Brussels.

Feedback from previous trainings:

“The training was incredibly useful. I will be structuring our video strategy around these learnings.”
38 Degrees

“One of, if not the best training sessions I have been to in years.”
Aakash Naik, Greenpeace UK

“Richard’s considerable knowledge and experience as well as flexibility and passion for video was incredibly helpful in thinking through how we can better use video to meet our campaign objectives and engage audiences on social media.”

Eva Watkinson, ActionAid


To apply for a place on this training event please complete the application form below.

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