Oxford North Community Renewables is a company created in 2011 to fund renewables projects around Oxford and their first goal was to raise £145,000 in 2 months from local residents. To make this happen alter-eco was chosen to create a brand, website and brochure to present ONCORE as professional yet approachable.

Logo Design

The logo design needed to be present ONCORE as reliable and but also convey the fact that it is a community based scheme rather than a large corporate. The clean and simple type face was chosen to present ONCORE as modern while the light blue colour and the beaming sun rays create a feeling of optimism.

Website Design

The proposal to investors is complex and detailed so when designing the website the keyword was simplicity. A clean design with lots of white space allows viewers to concentrate on the content while the light blue colour scheme and pictures prevents the simplicity becoming boring.

Donation Tracking Animation

To harness the power of the bandwagon effect I designed and animated a photovoltaic array to represent how much investment ONCORE had already received.

Brochure Design

The 20 page Share Offer document contained the terms and conditions of investment and was therefore crucial to attracting investors. The detailed and technical information was made more attractive through a blue and white colour scheme and a clean layout.

Utilising free to use Creative Commons pictures saved on stock images. The document was printed in hard copy and embedded into the website.

Visit the Oxford North Community Renewables Website