Alter Eco creates beautiful eye catching videos that communicate good causes in engaging ways.

The growth of Youtube has provided organisations with a way to reach potentially huge numbers of supporters. But with 48 hours of video being uploaded to Youtube every minute it’s getting harder to stand out from the ever increasing crowd.

Using online video effectively is more than making videos and putting them online. You need to understand current trends, the styles of videos that work online and how to promote your videos. Luckily these are all the things that get Alter Eco founder Richard Roaf up in the morning with a smile on his face. With 5 years experience working in and with NGOs, Richard also knows how to use video strategically to help organisations meet their objectives.

Alter Eco Communications produces videos in a range of styles including Campaign Videos , Protest Videos , Event Videos and Illustration Videos



10 Years of the Go Green Campaign

The Brief

After running successfully for 10 years, the People & Planet “Go Green” Campaign is coming to an end. In that time it has helped transform the environmental performance of the Higher Education sector and Alter Eco were commissioned to create a video that celebrates the successes of the campaign.


Stephen Harper Tar Sands Protest

The Brief

During Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent visit to Parliament, a protest was organised to oppose his support for the environmentally destructive Tar Sands industry. Alter Eco were commissioned by the UK Tar Sands Network to create a video to show the arguments and strength of feeling amongst the protesters and show solidarity with activists in Canada. The video was widely shared amongst Canadian activist groups and viewed over 2,500 times.

‘Ask the eCampaigning Forum’ Videos

The Brief

Alter Eco were asked to produce a series of videos capturing the activity of the eCampaigning Forum 2013. We conducted 16 interviews which were then edited into seven short videos each of which addressed a different question in a rapid fire style. Using the Youtube links function, the videos are linked video so after watching one you are able to click to immediately watch another.

Here is what Duane Raymond of FairSay said about working with us:

“Richard provided excellent leadership and production expertise right from starting the project and proposing viable ways forward through to managing the video team and turning the idea into reality. I will work with Richard again when the opportunities arises as it was a pleasure and a learning experience.”


The Merchant of Darkness

The Brief

In 2012 the Reclaim Shakespeare Company performed a series of theatrical interventions at a number of BP sponsored performances. To explain the campaign to activists and theatregoers alike Alter Eco created this video in a faux Shakespearean style.