We Make Beautiful Videos

Alter Eco creates beautiful eye catching videos that communicate good causes in engaging ways. We produce videos in a range of styles including Event “Talking Heads” Videos, Filming Conferences, Organisation Videos, Hand-drawn Illustration Videos, Campaign Action Videos.

Watch our Showreel (right) and get in touch to discuss a project or request a quote.

We Make Videos that People Share

Too many organisations have commissioned high quality videos and then been disappointed with the number of views they get. We use cutting-edge research to inform a strategic approach to YouTube. This means taking the time to understand your audience and what motivates them to share, optimising the name and description of videos and developing seeding strategies to ensure the videos are seen.

This doesn’t mean multi-million view viral success, but it does mean consistently increasing the number of views for videos we produce. Watch Richard Roaf’s presentation on “Winning YouTube: What the Research Says” (right) for more on our approach and get in touch to find out how we could apply this approach to your organisation.

Case Studies
WDM Santa Climate Action Video 4,900 views. A very high share rate let to it becoming WDM’s 2nd most watch YouTube video (out of 157.)
• The Shocking Truth About Water Cannons. Alter Eco’s Richard produced this pro-bono video which has received over 20,000 views in the first week through organic reach alone.


WDM Climate Santas Action

The Brief

Alter Eco were brought in to film an action involving a group of climate Santa’s delivering coal to an HSBC branch in London. We ensured the target audience of WDM supporters were put at the heart of the narrative and edited the video to be short, snappy and positive. The video was widely shared and was viewed over 4,900 times becoming WDM’s 2nd most watched YouTube video (out of 157.)


‘Ask the eCampaigning Forum’ Videos

The Brief

Alter Eco were asked to produce a series of videos capturing the activity of the eCampaigning Forum 2013. We conducted 16 interviews which were then edited into seven short videos each of which addressed a different question in a rapid fire style. Using the Youtube links function, the videos are linked video so after watching one you are able to click to immediately watch another.

Here is what Duane Raymond of FairSay said about working with us:

“Richard provided excellent leadership and production expertise right from starting the project and proposing viable ways forward through to managing the video team and turning the idea into reality. I will work with Richard again when the opportunities arises as it was a pleasure and a learning experience.”


Platform London – Organisation Video

The Brief

All of Platform London’s work challenges the oil industry but their methods are incredibly diverse, ranging from supporting grassroots activism to using art to inspire an oil free future. In order to explain their work succinctly to funders and other audiences they commissioned Alter Eco to create a short video to provide a powerful overview of what they do.

New Internationalist Conference Videos

The Brief

To celebrate their 40th Birthday, New Internationalist held an event in London and Alter Eco Communications were asked to film the speakers.

MSI Triple Loop Thinking

The Brief

This video was produced as part of a training programme to international staff in Marie Stopes International offices. Hix Media produced the script and brought in Alter Eco Communications to provide the drawings.